Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Science portfolio

Description: every Thursday we have been doing science. and I choose the digestive system and in science  have been learning about how the digestive system works.

Success Criteria
Our movie had 
*lots of interesting details about digestion that our audience won’t know
*clear explanations about each stage of the digestion process (talking clearly and loudly, using specific science vocabulary)
*clear images
*humour/interesting detail to keep the audience engaged

Our movie 

Big idea:in science we learnt how the digestive system works. I thought the most interesting part was if we didn't have teeth we would choke and that would not be so fun.

Evaluation:I think Idid well on being descpitive in our movie.I think Icould of tried to include Jacob a bit more.
Feedback: I think you did ok you need to be way more clear.

Feedforward:you need to write way way way more in your description.Jett

Kapa Haka portfolio

KDescription: in kapa haka we sing Moari songs do the haka and all that.

This is us doing a performance.

At kapahaka I enjoy learning new words

I am most proud of performing in front of heaps of people 

I find singing the words  challenging because I can't pronounce the words right

I am managing this challenge by practising them at home.

A personal goal for me is not to get destracted 

Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by helping out little kids 

Feedback: I think you have good focus on the songs 

Feedford: next time you could work on pronouncing the words better.#jacobw

Monday, 15 June 2015


WALT: use Impact 

Success critea:
Descriptive verbs

Description:we have been writing about if we were a ball would we like it or ball doesn't  mind it I guess.

My planning 

Here's my draft 

Here is my writting 

   Big idea:I looked ino the distance. Big people with mask's on are they even mask's? I'm freaken out.Damn how much do you weigh?yuck do you clean your arm pits because they STINK jeuz! Ahhahha yehe it feels like a roller coaster. YEEEEEEEEE touch down every body was screaming. I'm famous maybe it's not so bad being a American football. The end 

By Eli

The new NZ Flag

Description: we have been doing tic tac toe activitys and one of them is why you think this flag should been the nz flag.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio

 Description: we have been going to workshops and doing this task about rebel sports prices.

Here's my working 

On number four my working out didn't work so I did a number line.

Big idea:we have been learning strategy maths and we have used rounding and compancating  and all that type of strategy's.

Feedback/Feedford: I think you did a good job on using different strategies. But I think you could work on your hand writing. Taylor

Evaluation:I think I did good on my number line because it worked really well.and need i to work on my subtraction because I had to use addition. and I just need a stradagy that I can do in my head. 


Monday, 1 June 2015

Just Like Me (tic tac toe activity)

My goal in reading is comprension and we have been learning how to comprehend and in comprehension we make connections like text to text text to self text to world and all that by text to self for an example if the was a book and you liked rugby and the character in the book like rugby that would be a text to self  connection.and I do text to self on my picture 

Sucses critea:
Re-read over my story's 
Use juicy words in my writing 
Be descriptive 

I My character is: Kiran  read 

Big idea:to do a good drawing witch I have actchived because I didn't just put him I put a field to and rugby post. 

Feedback/feedford: I like how you detailed Kiran read running in the photo. Feedford: you need a little more connections on Kiran sam

Evaluation:I think i did well on doing my picture because I looks detailed