Thursday, 31 March 2016

Showing visitors our learning

Description: Today at Russell St School we had some visitors come from Massey university we showed them some of our learning the were so nice and I hope they become good teachers!!

Photos of us working with some people from Massey university👇👇

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Description: a Whakapapa is when you make a poster about your family it tells you everything if your grand parents are still alive or not. 

Feedforward: maybe next time write it in pencil first then write it pen or vivid. Sam 
Ok Sam I'll work on it 

Evaluation:I think I did my best at remembering who were in my family and telling you guys what (d) stands for and ? and x.

What goes on behind the gates of El Rancho

Description:the reason why I choose this peice of writing to do was because I like to entertain people and if you want to find out who the mystery farter is read the rest of my story. And find out what goes on behind the gates of camp El Rancho.



My story

CAMP! Ok so hi my name is Eli. It's 12:00 on the dot and I swear a rifle just got shot through our window!! Ok it wasn't a rifle, it was not me I swear!! Who let one rip? Was it you Cohen (tear gas)? Was it you max (machine gun?Logan (killer) was it you? “No” he is the only one awake. It's a mystery! Who was it? It's silent then brrrrrr! wow they are slow but loud and proud, it was not anyone below me. It must be max, or hunter it was not me! So who was it? Max or hunter? Max is the machine gun, hunter is the grenade. Who is the worst cause they stink geez! Well machine guns keep shooting for a while so max may be the one…

So in morning I tell max and hunter what happened but before I can say “ max” brrrrrr!! Hunter let one rip! It was absolutely disgusting! “At least hunter admits” that one was me but last nigh “brrrrrrrr” Max's pops one out before hunter can finish! 

Night says hunter then  “brrrrrrrr” there goes hunter again I say. It Carries on and on and on and on until it finally stopped! Then I decided to do some investigating/science. Then I realised, fart smell rises to the ceiling so …

Later that night I remembered Jack was in our cabin! He must be the mystery farter! 

The next morning I hit Jack up asking questions the he finally admits it! Yay we found the mystery farter! Punishment time! Do you have any suggestions “I ask him”? No he says,how about we chuck you in that poo. I say while pointing at a whole pile of poo!! “No he says no no no” oh what then I ask before I can give me an idea. I got one!!!! Instead of smelly your own gas you clean the toilets and smell other people's gas!!! Hehehehehe 

Feedback-feedfoward: I liked your story its really funny but the ending is werid. Tom

Evaluation: I liked how I entertained very well and made it funny but it got a bit boring after a while.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I staments

Description: I staments are very important because when you are in a situation that someone is not being very nice to you, you can say an I statement to express your feelings and they can't say that's not how you are feeling. Our video is based on when you are in the playground and you walk past some friends and they mumble under there breath a mean word calling you a funny name. There are two videos displayed and one represents the correct way of handling the situation and the other one is the incorrect way of dealing with the situation. I reckon I staments are a awesome thing to use.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 camp portfolio sample

Description: El rancho is in Waikanae we arrived on Tuesday we did 10 activities.And had lots of fun we had seven in our cabin and in the morning we had breakfast. Then a couple activities then morning tea then a couple more activities then afternoon tea. Then we do the same things but we had skit practise every night and dinner and camp dairies.

Feedback/feedfoward:I like how you drew the picture and you wrote neat and tidy. No feed forward it is perfect.alex 

Thank you Alex.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word portfolio sample

Description: This year we decided to make one word it is a word that is a goal that you have to try and achieve. Like my one word is perfection I want to get everything as close as I can to perfect. We decided to make an art work with our one word here is mine. I descied to make the bricks and the rainbow thing for the looks.

 Feedback/feedfoward: I think you did good at adding colour and making it creative and bold so that it stands out on the wall.  (Nothing needs improvement) 

Evaluation: I think that for next I need to make the bricks same night width and length but I like the bricks when the are even. 

My camp goals for 2016

Description: next week on the 8/3/16 we are going to go on a trip.To Waikanae for camp we are going to have the best time. but it's going to push me and everyone else Can't wait.

If you can't read here is a good draft 

My first goal is to do my best and get everything as close to perfect as I can.

And my second goal is to cheer people on and be postive.